This blog is three things.

  • The first is a story about a little mouse.
  • The second chronicles the effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myosomething Encephalomyelitis on a previously healthy young woman. One of the symptoms is poor cognitive function, so though I’m thinking ‘it’s the Latin for inflammation of your brain stem, get a grip, remember the name of your illness!’, I did just completely forget it for a moment there. Myalgic. My=muscle as in ‘my’ocardial infarction, Algic=pain as in an’algesic’. Brain fog. Comes and goes.  Funny how the long word stuck.
  • The third is the aforementioned young woman’s thoughts on the world, which mostly come from her varied interests. One of these is preaching, so there will be some sermons, thoughts on churches and mission, and generally heavy God-stuff, but also plenty of reflection on the contents of iPlayer. It’s boring being stuck in bed resting.

I might even combine all three, and chart the theological musings of a little mouse with an isolating disability, but my brain would have to be properly on form to do that, and if I’m feeling that healthy, I’ll more likely be out of bed, enjoying the world.

If you’d like me to think about something for you, write your character into a story, or otherwise share your thoughts, please leave a comment. I’ll try to respond when my Brain isn’t stuck in a Cloud of Bees. Oh, for a Cloud of Bees, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention…


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